Bobby Lindsey Miller

Accountable to Seattle.
You are my priority.

Fresh solutions from a new perspective:

To move forward as a city, we need transparent leaders to reevaluate our position. My approach to achieve authentic and long-lasting change is simple:

  • Reveal any misuse or illicit dealings in spending
  • Eliminate underperforming and inefficient projects, programs and policies
  • Redirect funding to failing infrastructure, immediate housing and small business needs
  • Reinvest in the health and wellness of Seattle residents
  • Revive our communities with post-COVID recovery plans
  • Reclaim our parks and open spaces
  • Build projects to strengthen communities and for future generations to enjoy

Bobby Lindsey Miller possesses the lived experience, perspective and accountability essential to achieving the long-lasting change Seattle needs.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, I was an only-child raised by a single black mother. Self-sufficiency was the rule, not an option. In October 2017, I moved to Seattle for the opportunity at a better life—but I found myself alone, living out of my car, working two-jobs, and barely surviving in a strange new city.

Twenty-two long months later, I secured stable housing, rebuilt my credit, started a small business and paid-off my debts through self-discipline and sheer determination. It was during this difficult, uncertain period of my life that brought about a complete change in my perspective. I began seeking new ways to solve problems in the city I call my new home.

While working as a bartender at MoPOP/EMP, I fostered authentic connections with residents from a place of sincerity and have learned their most pressing concerns. Possessing this keen insight and depth is the critical component Seattle lacks in its decision-making. I believe a councillor intimately familiar with out city’s issues is the key to changing them.

I was surviving. Not I am thriving. I am running to reimagine and revive our city for all residents. If elected to the city council, I will lead the people of Seattle with accountability, transparency and integrity.

— Bobby Lindsey Miller

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Bobby Lindsey Miller
for Seattle City Council Position 8

“Accountability is required and integrity is non-negotiable.”